Structural steelwork

LEFFER fabricates, supplies and erects steelwork in all fields of conventional steel building and plant construction.

Interlacing of structural steelwork with other company divisions of LEFFER enables us to use all the technical equipment and the experience also for subdivisions of structural steelwork, such as construction of gasholders, furnaces and electric filter housings.

Our products

Steel frames and pipe racks
LEFFER fabricates and installs on site steelwork of all kinds of conventional steel building, such as steel framework for industrial buildings. Moreover, LEFFER has vast experience in construction and installation of large pipe racks.

Special construction
Our comprehensive technical equipment enables us to manfacture heavy engineering steelwork, e.g. a test rig subject to dynamic loads with a press capacity of 20000 kN.

Power Plants
Since 1962, LEFFER has supplied steelwork for the construction of crack furnaces, shaft furnaces, platformers, reformers, and preheaters on a large scale. Worldwide, LEFFER has been engaged in more than 70 relevant projects so far.

Waterway steel construction
Our fabrication comprises mitre gates, sector gates and bulkheads (>> leaflet).

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